What We Do

Mustard Seed Hospitality connects and maintains integral systems of support. We help simplify your team's day to day responsibilities leaving them to focus on the customers. We help you by finding the right software solutions for you team and implementing them.

Interior of Restaurant

Nicolai Lipscomb

While a chef in San Francisco Nicolai's colleagues knew him as a chef that understood business and would crank out excel sheets if asked. Google of course provided us with "sheets" which evolved those interactions to collaborative ones. 


In 2018, hospitality software grew to a level that made his complex sheets obsolete. They not only focused on solving hospitality issues but provided stakeholders and accountants with powerful analytics and live transparency. 


In seeing the power of SaaS and APIs he saw there was so much more that is achieved with an ecosystem. One piece of SaaS is powerful but an ecosystem transforms a business

While working with clients on general consulting he found they all wanted to modernize. However, it was a big change for operators that always have fires to put out. It was in that gap MSH grew to support teams in vital growth.

Nicolai has been supporting teams through change for more than 15 years and understands that operator's time is best in spent with guests. Let him guide your team through The Valley of Despair. 


Transform Your Business

Chefs wanting to be in the kitchen more and spend less time in the office.

Restaurants & FOH focus on their guests. Ready to scale and expand.

Ownership looking for transparency.

Accounting looking to streamline the bookkeeping, AR and AP processes.

Both Food Delivery and Food Trucks that want ordering protocols and multi location inventory.

Restaurant Workers

Why are we a good idea?

  • Increase margins, increase profits
  • Control purchasing and inventory
  • Reduce product loss and labor hours
  • Reduce labor in kitchen and on data entry
  • Increase efficiency and product output
  • Real time data; eliminate the guessing
  • Track and strategize growth
  • Transparency

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."     

-Benjamin Franklin