Marc Zimmeraman


I started cooking at the age of 14.  At about 18 years of age I begged for a position under Steve Oakley, a Charlie Trotter Alum who was running the best restaurant in Indianapolis. It was working under him that opened my eyes to the beauty, intensity and intricacies of the hospitality business.  I left from there and attended culinary school in New York.  

I staged around NYC for a while getting my fix and checking off some boxes in some of the city's most high profile kitchens. Once I was completely out of money, I moved to Las Vegas and took a position at Lutece.  From there I moved on to Nobu (Nobu Matsuhisa) and Okada (Takashi Yagihashi).  I then stepped back into the world of haute french cuisine at Restaurant Guy Savoy and shortly there after ended up teaming up with Joseph Elevado (past exec of Nobu) to assist him in the opening of his Pan-Asian dream (and wildly successful) restaurant named Social House.  

I came to San Francisco in 2010 and joined Alexander's Steakhouse and to this day I've been scouring the better part of the US and Japan in search of the best beef on the planet. 


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