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Juan Mari Arzak was the first chef in Spain to receive a third Michelin Star in 1989 at his Restaurante Arzak. His influence has been far reaching for over more than 30 years as one of the world's best chefs.

After Nicolai's apprenticeship at No 9 Park in Boston he moved to California to save money in order to stage for a year in Spain. While there he spent time diving into wine and soaked up knowledge at Ceago's biodynamic winery.

Nicolai was ready to cook but first had to learn Spanish outside the kitchen but in the kitchen it was Euskara to learn the local Basque language. It took 9 months until his dreams were no longer in English.

While in Donosti (aka San Sebastian) Nicolai was moved by the rich culture of food. Parte Viaja's pintxos were so plentiful in the year he was there he ate half of the spots.

Forever Donosti holds a special place for him and will forever be his favorite place in the world.


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